Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"And I will make weak things become strong unto them"

I don't care for weaknesses much, especially not my own.

After my "cancer year", I am finally letting other people have a weakness here and there, and I am cutting them some slack. What about Karen, do you cut her any slack? hhhmmmm..........(this is just me thinking out loud, I am not asking YOU this question) :)

The Lord said that he gave us "Weakness" for a reason, didn't he? Let me remind you about the scripture that I am referring to:
Ether 12:27
And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. (Dale had to point out that it does NOT say weakness-es, ) I give unto men "weakness" (so it must mean that we are not perfect in EVERYTHING like we wish we were) that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

I see one strong person in this picture: SUPERMAN, aka Maddux, and he does not know that he has ANY weakness at all!! lol
Grandpa is watching a video of "Monster Mash" where Tara put her family's faces in place of Frankenstein and the other characters, and they are dancing around to music, it was hilarious, and "picture-worthy" to see this cute little family of mine enjoying it together ( this picture really had nothing to do with my post, but I knew you would love it.....tee hee.........)
OK, since you were wanting to see some more of my grandkids, here's one more superhero, "Supergirl Kenya". She REALLY wanted to try the costume on, she has to do everything the boys do!!

Back to what I was saying:
(this just made me realize that I jump around a lot with my thoughts, have you ever noticed that?, Dale is NOT a fan of it)
Anyway, Lately I have been thinking about my weakness, well one in particular..........
Self- Dicipline..... I know .........that's not a common one, but it's mine :)
at least this week.............
Now, forgive me if you think this is really weird, (I could swear the I comes before E except after C, but spell check said to spell weird this way, no thought jumping here, is there?)

A few years ago, one of my daughters told me she was memorizing scriptures while she was in the shower. I was intrigued to say the least. After thinking about it for a month or more I decided I would try it. My first scripture was Ether 12:27, and as you will see here in a minute, it still is in my shower today.

Well, during my "Cancer Year", tons of thoughts became special to me, and I was so full of anxiety that I read MANY MANY to help calm myself down. My shower became a place of refuge...........I read and memorized many thoughts in there. I plastered the shower walls with thoughts and even a picture of a bronze statue of the Savior with a caption that said "The Healings of Jesus Christ" You have to remember I had extra time on my hands while in the shower, I had NO hair to wash or rinse, so a shower could take all of 60 seconds unless I did something else. I had all kinds of thoughts like, "Karen, there's just one thing you have to do, and that is to take good care of you", and "Take it easy, take it slow, put your feet up, let it go" (I didn't put my feet up in the shower :)) Those two thoughts were cards some of you sent me and I cut them apart and put plastic clear tape on them so they would stick to the wall.
Others like this one, I wrote myself. It's a quote from the book, "Believing Christ", and I believed it enough to memorize it. It didn't take long to memorize.........:)

This was a comfort to me, and it still is, as a matter of fact, this morning in the shower, I felt a big relief as I once again read it. I am trying to re-"Self-Dicipline" myself according to what I have learned over the last year and what the Doctors have insisted I need to do if I want my health.............a thought to jump to..............."HEALTH IS WEALTH", boy do I believe that!
So, here I turn to the other shower wall this morning and remind myself that I am not made to be SUPERWOMAN like I have imagined so many times over the last 50 years (my mom instilled a lot of confidence in me). I am full of strength and talent, etc., but ONLY when I take the hand of the Lord, and my creator who made me and knows me best.

I am determined to be humble, and productive, and lovable, and easy to be around. Please be patient with me while I keep trying.

One last thought for the morning before I get out of the shower.
This one is from a talk in General Conference in April 09, by Kevin Pearson.
It hit me like a ton of bricks, when I think about it, it is SO true about EVERYTHING!!

I will continue to "Focus" on my goals

I love you all , especially those who take the time to read what I have written, and then comment. I LOVE to read your comments, they give me so much strength to go on, you will never know!!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU, Love 4-ever, Karen

PS I see the Dr on Nov. 6th to have more tests, wish me luck!!


Krystal Trapnell said...

Cool daughter you have. Love your shower quotes.

Ann Mitchell said...

OK...here's from the Spelling Queen...since you were asking. It's discipline! Yes, there's an "s" in it!!!
Love the quotes!
On Saturday, December 12, we have tickets in the afternoon for Deseret Star, it's the adult session of Stake Conference, and Jazz vs who? Oh, yeah, the Lakers!!! Then, Heidi texts me and says, "Guess what? I am graduating on Saturday, December 12, from Dixie College of Nursing! So, if the roads are good, we'll be in St. George December 10-13! Keep checking out my blog!
LoVe your PiCtUrEs!!!

Allred Family said...

What tests are you getting done? I hope all is well. I just had my surgery last Tuesday. I think about you often!

Eric Esplin said...

love this scripture!!

Thumbs up on this post. :)

Lundin Family said...

Hi Karen, I haven't checked your blog forever...haven't really checked anyones....it was nice to read all of your previous posts....I hope your test went well on Friday. I thought about you today in Conference when someone gave the story of Namen...was it Pres. Hinton??? Anyway, and at TOFW for women....we didn't see you, figured you were up in the front....love you....hope all is well...love the quotes in the shower...that is the best!!!
love you!!

Anonymous said...

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Teresa said...

hey karen had to just leave a little note to tell you I love your strength and stories keep them coming. And have to tell you we were approved for the visa so my fence will be here soon and we are planing a January wedding. I promise you'll get a invitation we will have a reception in st. George