Friday, January 1, 2010

"Sleep in Heavenly Peace..............."

This is one of the sweetest pictures ever............ This is Jayda Karen Alofipo, born Nov. 29, 2009

This is what I call "Sleep in Heavenly Peace"

Throughout the entire month of December, I kept thinking about this thought; "Sleep in Heavenly Peace". I wanted more sleep. I wanted more peace.

Why does December have everything in it; the best of times, the worst of times; the most memorable family moments, and the most stressful and hair-pulling moments?

I had planned on being a little bit more calm this year. That was my goal.
I thought I had it all figured out.
Shop early. Chill out.
Plan. Plan. Plan. Write out my plan. Put my plan in a notebook.
Chill out.
Enjoy Every Day.
Carry out my PLAN.
Cherish EVERY moment.
Chill out. Rest a little every day.
Meditate and plan some more EVERY day.


This is how I spite of all my planning
Even though it's Dale in the picture, I felt like I was the one being "chewed up" by the bear. The bear of 'stress and anxiety'.
( Just looking at that bear makes me feel anxious. :) Long story for another day.)
I spent the last 20 months of my life learning to "CHILL OUT". "It's all good", as some of you would say. I kept telling myself that whatever happened was going to be just that, "all good". December is a month of special feelings and I WAS NOT going to get stressed out and be a screaming idiot that no one wants to be around. That was the "old Karen", and I have changed ;)
I did learn a hard lesson this last month: "Old habits don't die easy"

Now it's over. It's January 1st, 2010. (btw, Are we going to call it twenty-ten?)
I am going over everything that happened.
Did I accomplish what I wanted to?
Did I enjoy my family?
Did my family enjoy ME?

What did I LOVE about the holidays?
(lovingly known by me in the past, as the "HOLI-DAZE")

I am going to list a few "LOVES"...

I loved thinking about others while I was shopping.
I loved listening to my children and their spouses laugh together at 2 am.
I loved watching my grandchildren perform the Nativity.
I loved eating Prime Rib. (rare is the best)
I loved hearing that others loved the gift I gave them.
I loved looking at my Christmas tree.
I loved soft white lights around the house.
I loved seeing "babies" all over representing baby Jesus.
I loved hearing my grandbabies say "thesus"

I loved the space I had in my new kitchen.
I loved being alive.
I loved having energy.
I loved feeling a lot like my old self.

I loved that I finally got my "sleep in heavenly peace";
today from 1-5 pm

what did you LOVE about December??
I want to hear ALL about the good things that you saw and
experienced that made December special to you.

Maybe I can try some of them next year.

I hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS
AND I am wishing all of you a