Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Perspective on Christmas and Thanksgiving

You might think that is an odd way to talk about Christmas and Thanksgiving, putting Christmas first.
I used to have a pet peeve about people putting up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. I have always felt that we should do ONE holiday at a time.

And why did the stores have to put out Christmas items as soon as Halloween was over??? I thought, "For goodness sake, let's not forget about Thanksgiving, with all of the warm colors, beautiful leaves and decor, and gratitude, and family surrounding us, and everything else that we are grateful for. I felt like people just wanted to RUSH into Christmas, WHY couldn't they just WAIT until December??

In my opinion, there should be ONE holiday per month, and that's all.

This year, for the first time in all of my adult life, I see it differently.

I will tell you why.

This little package is sitting on my shelf as we speak (well, kind of speak)

I fell in love with this saying about "Presence"/"Presents" at Deseret Book this year. It was all over different gift items, and it was one I hadn't's a great thought.

I found myself starting to pick up little things around town, everytime I would go shopping for something else, I would find things for Christmas. I thought how good it would be to have a head start; something I don't remember ever having before.
This is unusual to have anything out that's red and green in November. I loved this sign when I saw it because the family I grew up in always has to "EXPLAIN" everything. It wasn't intended that way when this tradition got started, but nonetheless it happens EVERY Christmas, not to mention, I laughed out loud while I was shopping just thinking about the little kids who try so hard to be "nice" instead of naughty, but sometimes circumstances lead us to be "naughty", and if only Santa will listen to our side of the here's to Santa giving us a "second chance".

Back to my previous thoughts about November:
"I only want to think about one holiday at a time"
I made some placecards for the 30-40 people that will be eating at our table, so I created these little gems with foiled confetti; Thanksgiving confetti ; something I had not seen before. I really enjoyed doing this little craft. :)
I love making a centerpiece for my kitchen table. It was a necessity about 10 years ago when I accidentally broke my flower arrangement that sat in the middle, and I have decorated the center with the "holiday of the month" theme ever since.

It was actually on a day last week when it hit me
I drove by this part of my neighborhood, and I saw these trees.
We don't see a lot of color change here is Southern Utah.
The beautiful colors don't last long either.
For some reason, this took my breath away..........
and I realized HOW GRATEFUL I WAS,
and it ALL came together,
Christmas AND Thanksgiving!

This beautiful world, the family, and the luxuries that we enjoy,
are ALL from
Our Creator, and His Son!!

What is Christmas all about??

Celebrating the birth of our Savior!
and we feel Gratitude for Heavenly Father, God of us all,
Who sent His Son to change our lives forever.
I have everything to be grateful for, especially good, I mean GREAT health
and Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on all of it.
Christmas and Thanksgiving go together so much better now.

I am learning SO MUCH as I grow up.
I love growing up.

I am so thankful to have TWO holidays
right together.

I love Christmas shopping in November.
I love red and green decorations put up early.

I love being GRATEFUL for Christmas!!