Thursday, August 4, 2011

At Our Fingertips!!

What kind of things can we do with this?
Cook on it, bake in it?
With the a few clicks of our fingers, we can tell this appliance what time and what temperature to cook our food at, and then tell it when to shut off. Amazing, we just push buttons.

I am taking an Institute (religious) class on Wednesday nights.
I think I mention it every now and again.

Every time the teacher ends the class, he bears his personal testimony of the things he has been teaching for the last hour and a half.

Last Wednesday, we had been talking about Abraham, the father of Isaac.
That was a LONG time ago.
He was saying in his closing remarks how different it is for us and how much ease we have in our lives. I heard the words "at our fingertips" as he was talking and for some reason my ears perked up, and I realized he was saying how lucky/blessed we are to have so much that comes so easy to us to help make our lives so comfortable. I couldn't get those words out of my mind. I came home and kept thinking of ALL the things that are so readily available to me and "at my fingertips"

Here are a few that I thought of:

Electricity........literally ..........AT OUR

Right now during this hot summer, I am feeling appreciative of ice and ice cold water :)

Then there are lights, by which we can see by.

Running water always comes in handy, I notice it especially when the water needs to be turned off for a repair or something, it is a must for me!!

Oh, where would I be without AIR CONDITIONING??............and there are the controls...............right at MY's almost too easy............

Here are a few more that I thought of:

Washing machine for our clothes
Dryer too!

Microwave for instant cooking

Toilets that flush completely clean with the flick of our fingers.

Cell phones that call people and find them wherever they are, no matter what state or city they are in.

Answering machines that record messages and play them back as many times as we want to hear them, all with the push of a button by our fingers.

How about music, how hard is that to acquire?

A car key...........a vehicle to carry us wherever we want to go.

Expanding my imagination, I see something I love very much.

The Temple
Now that might not be something you think of because it is so large and really not at our fingertips at all, but when I see it in perspective, I realize WHAT A BLESSING!!
I can go to our LDS Temple and attend almost anytime I want to.
It takes me about 11 minutes to drive there.
I can be back home within 2 hrs easy.
There are many temples in the world, over 125 now, but there are a lot more cities than 125......and I am blessed/lucky to have one so close to me. It is one of my favorite things to do, to spend time in the very beautiful, and peaceful temple.

Grocery Stores, to get all the food we can eat.

Here's another one:
our sacrament easy is that for us to have something remind us of THE GREAT ATONING SACRIFICE.............we have little to do to make this possible, just show up to church on Sunday, and there again, at our fingertips, is the ordinance that WASHES away our sins for the week, and we are clean again.

The computer and the Keyboard are right at our fingertips, and in reality, we pretty much have THE WORLD at our beck and call.
Almost ANYTHING we easily attainable with our fingers.

WOW, I am feeling grateful for my life.
I am thankful for so many things that are within my reach,
and RIGHT at