Monday, June 17, 2013

Change your Thoughts... Change your World!!

I took the title from a cardboard sign hanging from the ceiling in "Steamroller Copies" Store.
"Change your thoughts....change your world"

I want to tell you how this has affected me for good.

On Mondays, I am privileged to be able to attend a Meditation Class for Cancer Survivors.
We spend about 20 minutes meditating and filling our minds with positive "thoughts".

I know it works. It continually changes my world.

For years, Dale (the educated social worker that he is), has been TRYING to teach me about my thoughts and how powerful they are for good or for not.

Before I always thought, " but how do I change my THOUGHTS"? "Aren't they always JUST THERE, don't they just HAPPEN?"
Interesting to me, that ME, who has a strong desire to control everybody and every thing, did not see how I could CONTROL my thoughts.

Cancer has been my best teacher, as far as mortality goes.

(Heavenly Father is the Master Teacher behind the cancer)

I did a lot of soul searching during that time and I found that every time I saw a "thought-provoking thought" , I wanted it. I purchased wooden boards with thoughts on them and then of course, I found the wonderful world of VINYL lettering........:)

One day, I was laying in my bed, and realized that I have now SURROUNDED myself with
great thoughts, that do change my feelings about life and in turn, it has changed my world..

I open my eyes to see on one wall, "Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Clean, Be True, Be Humble, Be Prayerful".
That's on one wall, to the right of that it says "PRAYER" and over the top of that in "glow in the dark" vinyl lettering, it says, "Did you think to pray?" (so cool that it lights up when I go to bed at night). Next wall says in large letters carved in wood. "RELAX", with a picture of the St George Temple at night. Next wall, "Miracles happen to those who believe", (pics of  my six kids under that).
Last wall says"FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS", over pics of Jesus, my family, and some friends.
All these thoughts got me through my cancer year, and are forever sealed into my heart.

When I look elsewhere in the house, I find things like "Lord, put your arm over my shoulder and hand over my mouth". (a good reminder daily), or "Always pretend you are wearing an invisible crown".

In the kitchen area, one of my favorites is "May this house always be too small to hold all our family and friends" and "Gratitude makes what we have... enough",  and another one at the end of the hall  "Love grows best in little houses...." These thoughts keep me grounded and grateful that I EVEN HAVE a house, even though it is not that lovely or large.

Probably the one that helps me the most is in the front room when you first come in. "Be Of Good Cheer, It Is I, Be Not Afraid" That is right above a picture of Jesus Christ, my Savior, and he even has a smile on his face.

There is so much in this world that scares me , and I have a tendency to be afraid of everything.
Today, at meditation, we heard some soft music and the words "I have deep peace". Those words were repeated over and over for 20 minutes. It went deep down in to my heart. I could see an image of Jesus in my mind.
That's where the REAL PEACE is found.

I am so thankful for the knowledge that I HAVE CONTROL OVER MY THOUGHTS, and if I have to write them on the walls of my home, I will!!!

My world is going to stay changed