Friday, March 19, 2010

Turning to the Lord

These people have taught me alot over the last few years. These girls are my heroes.

These women "Turn to the Lord" when there is a trial.

First on the left is Hilary Weeks, she is an LDS songwriter and singer.
Most of her songs teach us all about "Turning To The Lord"
Her music has taught ME more than I could tell you in words.

Next is Krystal, she has had a most recent hardship with a new baby.

After me, is Heather, she had a trauma with her 2 yr old at the same time that Krystal was having her trial .

Tara, the youngest of the three here, hoped that she was not next.
Unfortunately, her family's Spiritual safety was threatened.

ALL these women know how to Turn To The Lord and I will tell you how they did it.

This is Carter Edward Trapnell. He was born Jan. 29, and is 3 wks old here in this picture. RSV season was here and he could not avoid catching it, no matter how hard his mother tried. He had to be admitted to Utah Valley Hospital, and at first was put on a CPAP to help him breathe. After 2 days, his condition worsened and he was intubated, meaning he was put on a ventilator to help him breathe. That is a much more serious condition. We later learned that one lobe of his lung had collapsed and between that and the mucus that was being produced, he could barely get enough oxygen, one time showing in the 40% range on the oximeter. VERY scary.

His mother prayed,
she had him get a priesthood blessing, she endured 12 days in the hospital with almost NO complaint. She wanted to know what the Lord had in mind for little Carter. She couldn't nurse him about half of those days and had to pump. Not to mention, she still had 3 children at home that needed their mommy. She went back and forth from the hospital to home, trying to keep everyone at peace with what was happening. She got almost no sleep whether she was at home or the hospital.

She continued to pray, and pray.
She had faith.
She never got angry at Heavenly Father. She never asked "WHY ME, WHY CARTER?" She clung to her faith, knowing that all things shall work together for their good. She held on. She held up. She continued to pray.

Carter eventually was reduced down to just oxygen before he finally was released to go home.

Tara's family:
This little family was spiritually attacked by Satan. He knows what a strong and beautiful family this is. He knows of their future potential. He worked on dad, and found some weaknesses in Daddy's ability to "Do It All", who was trying to go to college full time, and was working at an afternoon job part time. He was being daddy and husband part time, trying to make it full time if possible. Many things did not get done , some that needed serious attention and some that did not. He didn't get much sleep. Scriptures and prayer started to become a thing of the past that he hoped he would soon get around to. Discouragement set in. Negative thoughts filled his mind. Four children under 3 yrs old leaves very little time for the marriage relationship and for personal pondering and prayer. He started to question many things, especially his worth to others. Failures in school and other areas began to plague him with guilt. Temptations started to look enticing. Revenge looked somewhat inviting. He couldn't understand all that he was feeling , so he became numb to any feelings at all. He made a phone call to a "number" on a screen that looked like it might be someone to "just talk to". He never wanted to jeopardize his marriage or family, but it was starting to sound so innocent just to talk to someone. He rejected all the text messages that were inviting him to "talk" in private. He kept erasing all the messages. Soon, he was too weak to resist the temptations. He succumbed, and felt as if "someone else" was in control and went to "meet" someone at a hotel. It never was anyone other than the police all along. Thank the Heavens for DIVINE INTERVENTION.! It has been humiliating and painful for all this to become public knowledge, as it was in full color on the front page of the local newspaper just 3 days later. (the only reason I am sharing this with you now).

As devastating as it was, Tara NEVER wavered, she never cried.
She was completely held up by the Holy Ghost.
She has turned to the Lord at every moment of this experience. She has asked him "Heavenly Father, what do you want me to do next?"
She and her husband both received priesthood blessings.
The Spirit told her to love unconditionally, to be understanding,
to see what she can do to lift her husband and help him back to his feet,
where he belongs.
She has felt the love of the Savior more than once in her life. She is now learning once again how the Atonement can change her life forever.
She has turned to her scriptures. She has found much peace. Her husband also has turned to the Lord. He is well on his way to full repentance and forgiveness. They both see it as a severe wake up call.
NO ONE is tough enough to tangle with Satan. No one can let discouragement stay. It comes, yes, but it cannot stay. The adversary is watching constantly for an open window, or a crack in the door. We must have our "ARMOR" on. We must keep it on. They are both very open about what they are experiencing, and WANT to share it if it can help others to avoid such heartache. They will survive.................................. because they "Turned to The Lord".

Heather had a frightening experience right before Krystal and Tara had theirs. Heather's however, lasted all through both of her sisters: almost 3 weeks, was Heather's nightmare. Kalia, their 2 yr old had discovered a thick and heavy drinking glass in the bathroom. While she was in the bathtub one night, she accidentally fell on it as it broke to pieces. It cut her bottom so deep that it was clear to the bone, and even partially severed her sciatic nerve. This little girl went in and out of surgery 3 times to fix all that was wrong.
She spent over 15 days laying in a hospital bed, being allowed to go home for a day or two, only to learn that a serious infection required her to be hospitalized once again to have IV antibiotics. There were over 60 stitches trying to put her skin back together. A plastic surgeon was called. A neurosurgeon was called about the sciatic nerve.

Heather never wavered.
She prayed. She had Kalia get a priesthood blessing. She prayed some more.
She cried with her little one. She sat in awe of this little girl "jumping" a few days after surgery, after Doctors said she may never be able to walk normal with out pain. Heather trusted in her Heavenly Father. She knew He could make her whole. She knew He would do whatever was best for their family. She slept at the hospital most nights. She studied everything about the medical care that she could. She knew almost as much as the Doctors did when they would arrive to orient the parents.
She continued to pray. She has witnessed a miracle. She "Turned to The Lord".
(Kalia is able to walk, run, and jump normally, and has no side effects of any kind, besides a lovely scar.)

Kalia learned from her mommy and daddy to TRUST in Priesthood Power,
and wanted all the blessings this OIL would give her

All 3 of my married daughters have experienced trials in the last month and a half. All 3 have shown me, their mother, that they have heard the lessons I tried to teach them. I thought they weren't listening. But they were. When people have asked me how I am doing through all of this craziness, I have felt my heart burst with JOY.
I am not happy that these things have happened to any of them. I am old enough now to see that trials are part of our lives. BUT............................
The gospel and our testimonies are GOING TO GET US THROUGH.
When we "TURN TO THE LORD", all things will work out for our best good.
We will get through tough times. HE WILL help us. HE WANTS to help us.
It's hard for HIM to see us stumble, but HE KNOWS the outcome.
He just wants our hearts........
.........He has everything else He could ever want.

WHAT A BLESSING TO KAREN, the Kancer Killer, (as Krystal named me 2 yrs ago this month.) I am so thankful that I am alive to witness my daughters. "Turning to The Lord".

After all the trials were almost over, I got to spend some "JOYFUL" time with 3 of my granddaughters. I tended one night so moms could have an hour or two or reprieve. I wish Heather's girls could have been here too. That would have made for a perfect evening with the girls.
We painted toenails all different colors to cheer ourselves up. We painted fingernails too.
Then we got them all shined up and I curled their hair , just like I did to their mothers.

Oh, how I love my girls.
Oh, how I love to see them "Turn to the Lord",

Now it's time to teach the next generation!!

I see the "LIGHT" of the Savior in their eyes, do you?