Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why am I so lucky?

Why am I so lucky? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why was I born in the United States of America? Why do I have a roof over my head and a soft comfy bed and air conditioning?

Why am I a cancer survivor? Some don't survive as long as I have.
There is something called SURVIVORS' GUILT, do I have it?? .......................Sometimes.
So many others don't have the same things I do.

I know there are others with much more than me, but for some reason I don't feel jealous or deprived anymore like I used to when I was young...... I feel lucky...........and blessed.

But how does this all work? How is it that I have many blessings that I do not deserve?

I go to cancer support groups weekly. I realize that I am different than anyone else there. Everyone there is different from everyone else. How does it fit together that we all have different blessings, and a multitude of different challenges?

I have thought about this before, and believe it or not, I haven't ever traveled outside the United States (with the exception of Tijuana when I was in 8th grade with my Spanish class.) I hear other people say how blessed we are to live here.
Before cancer I never appreciated it.

I was listening to a song, (I know that surprises you, ;) but I love music)

Michael McLean wrote it and it is called "One of the Lucky Ones"
As I listened,............... a flood of thoughts came to my mind.
I agreed....................................... "YES, WHY AM I ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES?

He tries to answer that question, and it is an intriguing answer to me. One I am still figuring out.
Help me if you will.

This is a map of Argentina, in the blue area is Mendoza. My son, Jonny is living there right now. It's a little less luxurious than our lovely city of St George, and state of Utah.

He saved up about $7000 before he left for this 2 yr mission, to help pay for his expenses since he won't have any income while he is there. He doesn't look too deprived, he actually looks happy, doesn't he?

It doesn't appear that "things" are making him happy. I know his food budget is about $25 a week, and he probably would love to have more food to eat, but he doesn't seem to notice that.

I actually think he is enjoying sharing his message of Eternal Families, and teaching the people there how to accomplish that. He is teaching them about Jesus Christ, and giving them hope.
Not comfy beds, or air conditioning, but HOPE!

These sweet little precious kids are 4 of my grandkids. They have no idea how lucky they are. I think I heard my parents, mostly my mom, say that to me a few times. She was right. I had no idea how lucky I was.

They have a terrific mother and father, they have all the food and clothes they need, and lots of good lovin', and then they get to live 10 minutes from this beautiful temple. They sing a sweet song, "I love to see the temple , I am going there someday".
Childhood is precious. They are lucky!

when I see the face of this sweet thing, I am reminded of priceless relationships. She reminds me of all that is good. So pure and sweet. She represents all 10 of my grandchildren, that I am privileged to have and to get to be around several times a year, sometimes more. I have a car and money for gas to go see them, and

Here are the words to the song that really got me thinking,


I am a lucky one,............ one of the lucky ones.

Watching a photograph of a terrible loss

nobody seems to be sure how much damage was done

or how much it will cost

Oh why am I one of the lucky ones?

Why can I fly when so many cannot run?

Why does a stranger who’s dreams were denied

have me wondering why I’m one of the lucky ones

I am a lucky one, don’t know how this could be fair

to be one of the lucky ones

Could have been me who could have been there

I can hear voices unspoken, they’re calling my name

and the eyes of those who’ve been broken

keep on staring at me begging me to explain

Why am I one of the lucky ones?

Why can I fly when so many cannot run?

And why does a stranger who’s dreams were denied

have me wondering why I’m one of the lucky ones?

This yearning I feel..... it won’t go quietly

The answer I seek is somewhere inside of me

Oh why am I one of the lucky ones?...................................

Now I know why ...................................

... I know why I can fly when so many cannot run!

..........A stranger’s misfortune brings a promise tonight

that I’ll do what’s right,

and feel someone’s plight

and help them take flight

like one of the lucky ones.…

(could I help to...........) Bless the unlucky ones?

Maybe like Jonny is??

Could we do more to help others? Could it be possible that all of our blessings are in reality a RESPONSIBILITY to help. What do we learn from all of us being "Different"?

Does everyone play a different part?

Is there any good in the world that I could do today?

Cancer has really changed the things I think about, and I am

SO LUCKY to be one of the lucky ones.

I think I will go find some good to do today!!

All my love to you, .............Karen