Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Year Ago Today

Today is a remarkable day for me.
On February 24, 2008, I found a lump that felt the size of a quarter.
That was the beginning of an amazing journey for me. Most of you have followed me on this journey, and for this I will be forever grateful. I thought it fitting to see what I look like today with about 3/4 inches of hair. You will be able to tell in some of the other pictures that my hair came back in gray, but recently I had Robert Evans pull it through a cap and highlight the ends, and it feels much better. It is very curly, I don't know if it will stay that way. I have always had some natural curl in my hair, but never any thing like this.
I am holding my granddaughter, Kenya, who one year ago was only a wish for Tara and Wayne. She has been every mother's dream of a perfectly happy and calm baby that sleeps and eats, but hardly ever cries. She has uplifted my heart so many times over the last 7 or 8 months, as have all my grandkids.

Remember that I invited all of you to a celebration luncheon after my last clear lab report. Only about 10 of us ended up at Fairway Grille, but it was still an emotional lunch for me. I wanted to pay all of you back by buying your lunch. I would have loved to made the food and had a big celebration, but my arm in a sling has been a great hinderance. It had helped me to appreciate my right hand and arm and I don't ever want to go without it again. Tomorrow is 6 wks after surgery and the Dr should release me from the sling and send me to physical therapy. Here is my cancer buddy Paige, her hair growing back too.

This is one of my LONG time friends, Dixie Ferguson, she came to see me almost once a week for the last year, I love her very much.

This mother, daughter, and granddaughter have been a part of my family for over 15 years. Betty Wiltrout, her daughter Amy, and her daughter Jaxan have been a HUGE support to me over this last year, besides the last 15 years.
These last two pictures touch my heart. Grandma Ruth , as she is lovingly known, is Dale's mother. She is over 75 years old, and a breast cancer survivor of 25 years. She has known exactly how I have felt through all of this, and been a FANTASTIC source of encouragement, as has been grandpa in the background. His faithful obedience in the Priesthood, and his willingness to share the blessings with me has meant more to me than words can tell.
This looks like a professional photo, but no, this is Tara taking pics of her "3 kids in diapers" as a happy memory for her. It looks like the boys already know that they will be protecting their little sister.
I have found a whole bunch of stuff about humility that I can hardly wait to share, but I will do it later this week. This is enough for you to have to read right now. I am amazed at what I have learned over this past year, and what I continue to learn everyday about myself. I have spent a lot of time praying and meditating to figure out why I am so wierd, and I may have cracked the code!!
Luckily, I have been so blessed with so much love from you in spite of my "Frailties". I loved all the conversations about humility on the blog, and so I found some stuff that goes right along with what you all said.
I leave you my love, Love 4-ever, Karen Again, Thanx for reading :)


The Leggs said...

Karen, thank you again for lunch. It was so nice to be with you and the girls. It has been many years since we were all together. I hope to see you at the wedding on Saturday!

Ann Mitchell said...

Your hair looks great! Having the gray covered always makes me feel better! That's cool that it's coming back curly!
One year, I had a boy who lost his hair in my class to chemo. He had really curly hair, and when it came back in, it was straight. He said he shouldn't have complained about his curly hair! Those kids that year were the most amazing that I ever taught! One of the boys was going to California on a trip. The other kids gave him money, so he could buy hats everywhere he went for the boy that had lost his hair! I didn't even know they were doing that! The sweetest girl in the class that year was killed 2 years later at Lake Powell. I called it premeditated murder, but the guys got off scott free. Her and a friend were riding a jet ski. These guys kept chasing them. The girls ran out of gas. While the dad was wading out to fill the tank, the guys revved up, and purposely rammed them! It killed her instantly. The father was almost to them when it happened. A local artist painted a painting of Trisha walking towards Christ's outstretched arms. That was amazing!
Glad to see you added me to your blog!
See you in May!

curtandheather said...

What an awesome mile stone for you and your family!! You look great and I am so glad we ran into each other :)

Alli E. said...

Love the Babes in Diapers picture!! You look so great in the pic with Kenya also!! I am glad you have made it through that hard year and hope you are just like Ruth and make it 25+ more and can continue to share with all of us your amazing thoughts and experiences!! We love ya!!

Allred Family said...

You look beautiful in that first picture....then again, I think you always do. I am glad I got share last Friday with you. I had a great time. I meant to post something about Ruth on my blog. I knew I was putting her picture on. I thought I did (Chemo Brain) but reading back, I realize now that I didn't. I am going to fix that!
Love ya

Karen said...

Karen- this is a Happy Post for you!! I love this post for many reasons!! one year mark, you are surrounded by people who love you, family is of great importance, your grandkids are always loving no matter what is going on with you. I am just sorry I missed the luncheon. We have been gone on vacation with the kids but you add a lot to our lives as well! and for this I thank you!!! You just continue to amaze me. Come and visit my blog. just click on my name!!!

Karen said...

ps- I forgot to add that you have hair again! And it looks great!

Myles N Amanda said...

karen i am so glad to see your doing good! my mom always talks about you and how strong of a person you are and have been through all this , you definatly are a blessed one , but i didnt need my mom to tell me how strong you are , i grew up watching you , and seeing how strong you are , just thought i would say hello .

Anonymous said...

Krystal and I are sitting here in the airport in New York and catching up with your blog. We have been wishing you were with us (well, maybe not Krystal, because you were watching her girls!). Now that you are healed we need to get you out to enjoy God's creations! Love you,

Ann Mitchell said...