Thursday, September 15, 2011

Water Washes Everything

I heard another statement that made my ears perk up.

"Water is so Cleansing"

I love to do housework, I know, not everyone does, but I do.
I love to clean things, even and especially bathrooms.
I feel great to see things fresh and clean and sparkly.
I have always been this way.

For a few years, I got paid to CLEAN other people's houses.
I loved it.
Sometimes I like my house to get messy
just so I can clean it.
Opposition in all things comes in very handy in my life. :)

I have noticed how helpful WATER is.

Sometimes I do crazy things as a GRANDMA.
This might have been one of them.
I was babysitting, and they needed something to do.
I needed a wall painted.
and that kind of paint washes off easily with WATER (grin)

If my water is turned off, I go a little crazy.
I like to wash my hands A. LOT.

The other day I came across a light switch that was COVERED
with spaghetti sauce.
Thank goodness for water to wash it clean.

I am thankful for water to flush the toilet, I like a very clean toilet bowl.

I remember a class once on cleaning and the presenter said that
anything can be cleaned if you will drench it, and let it sit
and soak for a while. I think about that all the time.
I might be wiping off the kitchen counter and food is stuck,
I remember, and just put a wet washcloth on it
and leave it and come back later,
only to find it wipes right off easily.
True of stuff stuck to the floor, or ANYWHERE.

When the microwave gets really yucky,
I take a really wet washcloth and put it in there on high for about 2 minutes,
then let it sit. A few minutes later, I can take any rag
and EASILY wash out the whole microwave in a matter of seconds.

I love water.

I haven't always loved the rain but as I get older, I have come to appreciate it.

It does wash a lot of things clean.

It smells good too.

After a busy day of exercise and cleaning and running around,
I like to get in the shower and get
cleaned off and wash my hair. It is very renewing for my spirit.

Brushing my teeth , WITH WATER is very helpful. :)

All these thoughts have led me to think about something more.

I had an awesome experience one day when I was pondering about my heart.
It sometimes feels a little broken because of circumstances around me.

This one day, I saw in my mind, like a dream, if you will,
a large heart drawn in the sand on a beach.
It appeared to be about 7 or 8 feet in diameter.
I realized that this heart was representative of MY HEART.

I noticed it had rough edges.

I watched the waves of WATER gently wash over the sand, and the roughly drawn heart.

I suddenly realized the water was symbolic of GOD'S LOVE.
It was VERY gently washing over my heart and healing it.
One little wave at a time.

It smoothed it right out.

I was stunned.

I knew God was telling me that no matter what the condition of my heart,
He would send His love in constant waves
and that my heart BREAK, or roughness , as it was,
was built on a sandy foundation.
It wasn't going to last.
His love was going to cure it. Heal it.

what hope this gave me in a powerful way.

My thoughts continue
as I think about water
and what it does for me personally.

The water of baptism.
It CLEANSED my soul.
I long to do it again.

Until I realize, I do that EVERY WEEK.
with the water at the Sacrament table.

What a blessing.
I get to be WASHED clean every week.
(if I choose it)

"I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain"

I am thankful for WATER.

I know there is a Heavenly Father and I know there is a LIVING Christ.

Everything in this mortal life POINTS to them.